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Saskatoon, SK

Locally owned and operated

Saskatoon, SK

Locally owned and operated

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Quick, efficient and pleasant. It’s a pleasure to come home to a freshly cleaned space.

– AR

It is so nice to come home to a clean house after Merry Maids has cleaned. The cleaning products are not harsh and house is left with a fresh smell instead of a strong chemical smell. The cleaners have been thorough and respectful of your property. Definitely a treat to have your house cleaned by Merry Maids.

– Lhea K.

We have had the ladies from Merry Maids come every two weeks for years now and it is money well spent. Always reliable and thorough. There is peace of mind knowing that my house will be properly cleaned on a consistent basis. It is also the motivation I need to get things put away in preparation for their arrival.

– Cindy F.

We had Merry Maids cleaning our house for the first time yesterday. I was blown away by the fantastic job they did. Korrie and Louisa are amazing! Fast and thorough, friendly and enthusiastic. They clean as though they really get pleasure from a job well done. I will definitely be getting them again. They deserve way more than only 5 stars!

– Arnie O.

I have been a Merry Maids client for just over 2 years now. The cleaning team is team is trustworthy and they do a fantastic job. I was surprised how a cleaning service can free up my time!

– Marloes M.

Since 2005, I have relied on Merry Maids Saskatoon to help me manage my country home. They visit every two weeks and have helped us through bad times and good. I believe my home is in better shape because of Merry Maids and their regular maintenance. Recently, I had a bad fall and we were having new carpets installed. There were many extra hurdles for me and knowing Merry Maids would be along in a few days helped me relax and heal. Over the past 18 years, we have had several great Merry Maids teams help us and I have always been pleased with their work. Kudos to Kathy, Brian, Ashley, Bobbi, and so many others. Thank you for making my life better.

– Maureen H.

I have had Merry Maids clean my condo for the last few months. I am very pleased with the cleanliness of my place. The staff is very pleasant and very efficient. I appreciate that Bobbi is very approachable and is willing to work with me. I will continue using this service for the foreseeable future. Thanks Merry Maids.

– Linda A.

We have been using Merry Maids services for years and have been extremely satisfied with both their cleaning and staff. Regular checks are done by a quality control employee so there is always an assurance of quality work. Thanks so much, Ron and Terry.

– Ron L.

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